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Get a Ceiling Fan Installed this Week!

ceiling-fan-with-light-installation.jpgYou may have already read my previous posts about the affordability and effectiveness of installing 1,2 ,3 or more ceiling fans into your home to beat Canberra’s impending heat.

Well let me make this clear. You WILL love the benefits of having a new ceiling installed in your residence… Why would I you ask?

Let me run off a few ceiling fan benefits right off the top of my head… Here goes…


Top 10 Ceiling Fan Installation Benefits:

  1. Ultra quiet – your TV doesn’t need to compete with a noisy wall mount Air Conditioner
  2. Low energy consumption (Green energy?)
  3. Cheap to run
  4. Low cost of Installation
  5. Same day installation (we can 4-6 in one day!)
  6. Integrated ceiling fan light options
  7. Remote control for fan and light functions – some come with timers
  8. 100’s ceiling fan styles to suit your home
  9. Very effective air circulation
  10. Can use in winter (in reverse mode to push warm air off the ceiling)

So within a minute I noted down 10 benefits of a ceiling fan installation into your Canberra home.

So many people rave to me about turning their master bedroom ceiling fan on low for the hot Canberra summer nights. What they love most is that the slight cool breeze the ceiling fan generates all night long with ZERO noise – completely silent! No A/C or even an evaporative cooler will do that. Pure silence – pure bliss and most importantly a restful nights sleep!

The cost of a ceiling fan installation is very quite affordable and VERY effective at cooling you down, while maintaining ultra low energy consumption when compared to A/C split systems or Evap cooling.

Before you take the plunge and install a ducted A/C system or Evaporative cooling system, install a ceiling fan in each bedroom, 1 or 2 in your living area and then have a long hard think about whether your really need A/C to beat the relatively short Canberra heat!

Call me (Barry Funnell) today for an obligation free quote on your ceiling fan install.

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Beat the Canberra Heat

Canberra’s Warmer Weather is Near – Install a Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner Now!

Our Canberra summer heat is HOT, Dry and can get pretty uncomfortable. Now is the ideal time of year to book in your new ceiling fan or air conditioner installation ready for the heat wave. I will supply and fit any ceiling of your choice or finish off the electrical wiring for you new Air Conditioner.

Find your ceiling fan at one of these local businesses:

These suppliers have a large range and styles of ceiling fans to choose from starting at about $109.  Either make the purchase and give me a call to arrange installation at a low cost, or give me the model number and I can supply and fit for you at no extra charge.

Thank you as always.

Barry Funnell

Electrical Services Canberra

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation Canberra

For all cost, price, quote, cheap and affordable ceiling fan installation in Canberra region

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