Simple steps for choosing an Electrician in Canberra

There are so many electricians in Canberra it’s a bit overwhelming. How do you decide which electrician is going to be better than another? Are you going to be comfortable hiring the first Electrician you find from a localised Canberra Google search? Should you trust the first three search results in Google as they’re Paid Ads? Hopefully, we can answer your questions today and provide you with some advice when it comes to selecting a suitable electrician for your Canberra home or business.

Only hire a fully qualified and licensed Electrician!

  1. NEVER use an unlicensed ‘handyman’ mate or a mate of a mate who said he’ll do your ceiling fan installation or new powerpoint installation just because he’ll do it for a case of beer! This could land you and him in serious legal trouble even after the house is sold.
  2. It’s your right to request the electrician to produce a currency of electrical licence or you can check for licensed tradies here on the ACTPLA website https://www.accesscanberra.act.gov.au/app/services/licence/#/electrician
  3. Does the Electrician display their ACT/NSW Electrical licence information on their website?
  4. Does the Electrician display their ABN/ACN on their website?
  5. Is the electrician even based in Canberra?
  6. Is the electrician insured? When things go wrong even by no fault of the electrician, you want to ensure your electrician is insured! Simple issues such as the electrician accidentally leave a roof tile kicked right back and the heavens open and it rains for 3 days straight! You’re going to experience some water damage here and by making sure your electrician is properly insured will save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Just a few simple tips to save you time, money and some heartache!

Call Barry on 0487 789 585 for a quote on your next Canberra electrical job.

Electricity / Power Saving Device Reviewed [Scam]

device imageIt was only late last year (2013) that the $1,500+ power saving device was being marketed (again) under a new business name of  ‘Save my Power’ mainly through unsolicited cold calling Canberra residence.  This scam has been around for a few years under a couple of different business names and with the ever rising costs of our utility bills, I am almost certain we will see this product re-surface under a different business name in the near future.


This scam power saving product is a device that is connected to your mains and in theory actually works for its intended purpose and that is power factor correction (BUT YOU WILL NOT SAVE ANY MONEY ON YOUR POWER BILL).

In a nutshell the power factor correction unit is never going to save a normal residential household money on their power bill. These devices are suited to large commercial and industrial applications who are charged for both ‘real power consumed’ AND a ‘power demand charge’ (kVA) or in other words, ‘apparent power the Network must supply to the building’.  So for industrial and large commercial instances, yes Power Factor Correction is commonly used for a number of purposes and one of those reasons is to reduce cost of their power bills.  However for a typical Canberra residence, you will not see any reduction in your power bills.

For power saving tips visit my post here

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

How to choose your next Electricians in Canberra Region

Here are a few simple checks and tips when you’re looking for your next local Canberra Electrician.

Questions to ask your next electricians in Canberra:

  1. Ask to see their current electrical licence.
  2. Do they have an Australian Registered Business Number (ABN)
  3. Do some Google research for quality reviews on the electrician you’re about to hire
  4. Ask them to provide evidence of their electrical trade qualification
  5. Trust your gut: How’s their phone manner, how’s their interpersonal skills?
  6. Ask them for a quote for the electrical services you require.  Suss them out, ask questions on the amount of work involved. If unsure get another quote or second opinion.

These simple tips could save you a lot of heart ache in the long run.

If you are even not sure about a electrical quote you have just received, feel free to contact me today for a second opinion.

Take care.

Barry  0487 789 585

Canberra, Belconnen ACT 2615

Have a Safe & Merry Christmas 2013

I’d like to wish all my customers and Canberra Electricians a very Merry Christmas for 2013. Stay safe on your travels, enjoy your holiday period and all the best for 2014.

Again, thank you for your business and support throughout 2013.

Barry Funnell
0487 789 585

Get a Ceiling Fan Installed this Week!

ceiling-fan-with-light-installation.jpgYou may have already read my previous posts about the affordability and effectiveness of installing 1,2 ,3 or more ceiling fans into your home to beat Canberra’s impending heat.

Well let me make this clear. You WILL love the benefits of having a new ceiling installed in your residence… Why would I you ask?

Let me run off a few ceiling fan benefits right off the top of my head… Here goes…


Top 10 Ceiling Fan Installation Benefits:

  1. Ultra quiet – your TV doesn’t need to compete with a noisy wall mount Air Conditioner
  2. Low energy consumption (Green energy?)
  3. Cheap to run
  4. Low cost of Installation
  5. Same day installation (we can 4-6 in one day!)
  6. Integrated ceiling fan light options
  7. Remote control for fan and light functions – some come with timers
  8. 100’s ceiling fan styles to suit your home
  9. Very effective air circulation
  10. Can use in winter (in reverse mode to push warm air off the ceiling)

So within a minute I noted down 10 benefits of a ceiling fan installation into your Canberra home.

So many people rave to me about turning their master bedroom ceiling fan on low for the hot Canberra summer nights. What they love most is that the slight cool breeze the ceiling fan generates all night long with ZERO noise – completely silent! No A/C or even an evaporative cooler will do that. Pure silence – pure bliss and most importantly a restful nights sleep!

The cost of a ceiling fan installation is very quite affordable and VERY effective at cooling you down, while maintaining ultra low energy consumption when compared to A/C split systems or Evap cooling.

Before you take the plunge and install a ducted A/C system or Evaporative cooling system, install a ceiling fan in each bedroom, 1 or 2 in your living area and then have a long hard think about whether your really need A/C to beat the relatively short Canberra heat!

Call me (Barry Funnell) today for an obligation free quote on your ceiling fan install.

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USB Power Point Supply & Installations Canberra


Canberra USB Power Point Installation/Suppliers

We are proud to announce that we now supply and install USB integrated power points / charge points with dual sockets.

Contact us today for a quote.  General power point replacement with our USB power points will be approximately $150 per USB power point installed.  Any modifications or for complete new power point installations will be at extra cost.

Are you always losing your  iPad, iPhone, Android mobile device charger? With our USB power point wall sockets you can save time and space!

The wall sockets are available in various face plate styles to match your home.

Canberra’s first USB Wall Socket Power point installation service.

Call Barry now on 0487 789 585





Beat the Canberra Heat

Canberra’s Warmer Weather is Near – Install a Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner Now!

Our Canberra summer heat is HOT, Dry and can get pretty uncomfortable. Now is the ideal time of year to book in your new ceiling fan or air conditioner installation ready for the heat wave. I will supply and fit any ceiling of your choice or finish off the electrical wiring for you new Air Conditioner.

Find your ceiling fan at one of these local businesses:

These suppliers have a large range and styles of ceiling fans to choose from starting at about $109.  Either make the purchase and give me a call to arrange installation at a low cost, or give me the model number and I can supply and fit for you at no extra charge.

Thank you as always.

Barry Funnell

Electrical Services Canberra

0487 789 585


Tips on how to save money on your electricity bill

Tips on how to save money on your electricity bill and be eco-friendly at the same time.

The cost of electricity for Canberra households has risen by 45% over the last 5-6 years!  We’ll show you how to save on your electricity consumption over the next 12 months.

Top 5 household energy saving tips:

1. If you haven’t already done so, swap out all light globes with LED or low wattage compact fluorescent bulbs (Energy Efficient Globes)

2. Have a qualified professional turn your electric hot water system (HWS) down to 60C.   Most household systems are set to 70C by default.  60C is plenty hot enough (above 55C is recommended to prevent bacteria) for showers and washing up etc. 10C lower can make a big difference when you consider the average electric HWS is about 160ltrs.  Heating 160ltr 10C more every night draw a lot of energy.

3. The most commonly misused household electrical item (in hours/mins) is the television.  If you are a culprit for leaving your 50in plasma TV blazing away all day while no one is watching it, then it’s time you purchased a Television ‘Auto-Off’ device (some newer smart TVs have this feature built-in! Activate it!) which turns your television off automatically if you haven’t touched the remote for 2hrs. You may qualify for a free power standby device – search Google.

4. Be conscious of which lights you have turned on inside your house at night.  It’s a basic energy saving tip, however, I am sure we could all do a bit better (or a lot) with turning off all lights apart from the room you are in… better still use low power small lamps when only a little bit of light is required.

5. Switch off all power points to all items when not in use.  Electronic devices in standby mode will still consume energy.

Unfortunately there is no one quick fix to reduce your energy consumption by a large volume, however, if we implement a number of small changes to the way we consume energy, then we will certainly make a difference to our electricity energy consumption.

Times have changed but our thought process may still be back in the 80-90s when it comes to saving energy (which means not thinking or taking action at all).  It’s a real personal & cultural shift that we (individually) need to adopt and make this change a priority and a lot more aware of energy consumption and being energy smart.  If you start changing your own bad habits around the home, before you know it, being energy conscious will come second nature and not a feel like a chore.  The added bonus of your change will also reduce C02 (Carbon) emissions.

Give me a call (Barry) on 0487 789 585 to discuss your options with turning your house into a more energy efficient household.

All the best.

Electrical Services Canberra
0487 789 585

Electrical Safety Tips

The purpose of this post is to provide the residence of Canberra a few useful electrical safety tips.  Most of you will already know about these tips, but there is nothing wrong with a little reminder and of course I am hoping some of you will learn something!

Download the Electrical Safety Tips here OR read the excerpt below:

Using electrical appliances can be dangerous 



  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If an appliance has a damaged power cord, switch it off immediately at the power point, disconnect the appliance and have the cord repaired.
  • Never handle wiring that is damaged or worn. Contact a licensed electrician to replace it.
  • Never place metal ladders or steps, furniture or bed bases or other heavy objects on power or extension cords as they may cut through the cord’s electrical insulation.
  • Never touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands.

Using electrical appliances outdoors

  • Plug appliances and power tools into an earthed power point or extension cord. It’s best to use a power point protected by a fixed or portable safety switch.
  • Never leave electrical appliances and cords outdoors and exposed to rain.
  • Never use electrical appliances and cords near a pool or spa.
  • Never use power or wiring for pool pumps and spas to operate gardening power tools.
  • Ensure that supply cords to caravans are in good condition, are 3 to 15 metres long and supported off the ground by 2.5 metres. They should be rated at 15 amps and plugged into an earthed, safety switch protected socket outlet installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Don’t run extension cords through doorways or windows.
  • Use approved plugs and extension sockets.

Cleaning electrical appliances

Cleaning your electrical appliances regularly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is a simple but effective way of helping to ensure your appliances work safely and efficiently. Before cleaning, turn off and unplug them.

Second-hand appliances

Examine second-hand appliances for signs of damage. A safe appliance has a secure and undamaged flexible cord and plug, secure and undamaged covers, guards and control knobs and has been tested for performance at the point of sale.

Work around the home

It’s safe to do simple electrical work around your home, such as changing light bulbs and fuses, starters for fluorescent lighting fittings and resetting circuit breakers and safety switches. However, specialist tasks must always be performed by a licensed electrician. This includes work such as rewiring or replacing plugs, switches or power cords, repairing electrical appliances, or installing, repairing or replacing fixed electrical wiring.

If you don’t use a licensed electrician you could put you and your family at a serious safety risk, you could be fined and your home insurance policy could be voided.

If you have any questions or concerns with regards to domestic electrical safety in your ACT home then please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information or help.

Further safety tips can be found in the PDF here

Yours in safety

Barry 0487 789 585

PDF courtesy of ACTEWAGL


Sensor Lights

The benefits of adding senor or security lighting to your property not only deters unwanted late night visitors, they offer personal safety when positioned around your residence correctly.

I offer these sensor light services:


  • Supply and fit new sensor lighting
  • You supply and I fit
  • Replace faulty sensor/security lights
  • All general lighting solutions

Adding senor lights to your Canberra residence is not expensive and the value of added safety lighting to your property is invaluable.

So whether you are looking for the added security that senor lights can provide or simply need the convenience of automatic lighting to your property.  Give me (Barry) a call today to discuss your options with senor lights.

Barry  0487 789 585 (your local Canberra electrician)

Electrician Gungahlin ACT 2912

There are most likely many qualified and licenced electricians in Gungahlin – but very few have 45+ years electrical experience and expertise.

Electrical Services Canberra provides a full range of electrical services to Gungahlin and the surrounding areas.

Call me (Barry) on: Phone 0487 789 585


Why Choose Electrical Services Canberra?

  • 45 years of electrical expertise
  • Highly competitive and affordable rates
  • Clean, Tidy and Respectful
  • Efficient and Reliable!

Please feel free to contact me (Barry) on 0487 789 585 anytime, obligation free to discuss your small or large electrical project.


Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation Canberra

For all cost, price, quote, cheap and affordable ceiling fan installation in Canberra region

Barry 0487 789 585


TV Antenna Installation

TV Antenna Installation

We supply (optional) and install new certified digital TV antennas and the correct RG6 (or RG11) quad shield coaxial cable designed for all of today’s digital TVs. Using the correct RG6 quad shield cabling and connectors along with a new digital TV antenna, you’ll experience fantastic reception and the ability to pick-up all digital channels which your old antenna may not have in the past.

TV Antenna and Cabling Installation  – Canberra:

  • Supply and fit new digital outdoor roof mounted antenna (or we fit yours)
  • All the correct cabling, connections and splitters
  • Install wall mounted TV cable sockets to all rooms required.

Contact us today for an obligation free quote for your TV antenna installation job in the Canberra region.

Barry 0487 789 585

Electrician Canberra Belconnen

Electrician BelconnenElectrician Canberra Belconnen

I am a local Belconnen (Holt) resident so give me a call or contact us via our web form today, I am sure we can help resolve you electrical problem or installation request.

Call me (Barry) on 0487 785 585



Canberra Electrician

Electrician Canberra:

I am a local Canberra Belconnen resident and working as an electrician for over 45 years you know that’s experience you can trust. I keep my rates/quotes very competitive.

Our Services:

  1. Ceiling Fan Installation
  2. Gas Service Electrical Connections
  3. Stove and Oven Repairs
  4. Switchboard Maintenance / Repairs
  5. New Circuits
  6. 3 phase connections
  7. Sensor Light & Security Light Installations
  8. Power Point Installations
  9. All Electrical Checks / Inspections/ Advice if you feel unsure about anything electrical in your house.
  10. Roof Electrical safety inspections post Canberra Government insulation rebate scheme.
  11. Inspection of suspect electrical work done by some dodgy solar panel installers in Canberra – I have seen and fixed plenty already!!
  12. more…

Call today for an obligation free quote

Barry 0487 789 585

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