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Electricity / Power Saving Device Reviewed [Scam]

device imageIt was only late last year (2013) that the $1,500+ power saving device was being marketed (again) under a new business name of  ‘Save my Power’ mainly through unsolicited cold calling Canberra residence.  This scam has been around for a few years under a couple of different business names and with the ever rising costs of our utility bills, I am almost certain we will see this product re-surface under a different business name in the near future.


This scam power saving product is a device that is connected to your mains and in theory actually works for its intended purpose and that is power factor correction (BUT YOU WILL NOT SAVE ANY MONEY ON YOUR POWER BILL).

In a nutshell the power factor correction unit is never going to save a normal residential household money on their power bill. These devices are suited to large commercial and industrial applications who are charged for both ‘real power consumed’ AND a ‘power demand charge’ (kVA) or in other words, ‘apparent power the Network must supply to the building’.  So for industrial and large commercial instances, yes Power Factor Correction is commonly used for a number of purposes and one of those reasons is to reduce cost of their power bills.  However for a typical Canberra residence, you will not see any reduction in your power bills.

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