New Power Point Installations

I can help you with all your Power Point installation, replacement or repair work.

I offer cost effective power point installation services Canberra wide.  

Power Point Installations Canberra:

We strive to offer great value and highly efficient electrical services to all our customers.

We will supply any type of powerpoint you choose and install wherever you would like it (where possible). OR if you have already purchased a powerpoint, then I will install it for you.

Remember, in Australia it is illegal for an unqualified or unlicensed person to install or repair/replace power points.  As  far as I am away in some country’s this kind of DIY is legal. But not in Australia. You must have a qualified and licenced electrician install your powerpoint.


Power Point Repairs:

I offer efficient powerpoint repair service Canberra wide. My powerpoint repair services include, fault isolation, safety inspection of wiring and full replacement of a quality powerpoint. I can even upgrade your existing single socket power point to a dual socket power point at roughly the same cost.

Power point Replacement and Upgrades:

I offer a cost effective power point upgrade service, which means I can supply and install a dual socket power point  to replace your existing single socket power point. Or if you would like to upgrade from your existing dual socket power point to a 4 (quad) socket power point that can be done as well if there is enough room.

Dual Socket Power point with Dual USB sockets

With all of the mobile and tablet devices we have in our homes, it’s sometimes hard to find a free power point!

Dual Socket Power Points CanberraWe now supply and install Dual Socket Power Points with integrated dual socket USB charge connections to Canberra homes.  This gets rid of those bulky wall chargers and frees up all of your power point sockets for quick access.

Benefits of a USB power points:

  • Clean and tidy
  • Frees up both power point sockets
  • USB rapid charge for faster device charging
  • Less stress!


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2 Comments to New Power Point Installations

  1. Ellen Beresford-Jones says:

    Hi Barry,

    Our electrician is being unreliable and not returning to install our final power point. How much would it cost to have just a single regular power point installed? House in Page.

    Many thanks,

  2. Alfredo says:

    I need a power point outside the house to be able to install a motor for a roller door in the drive
    way. How much would it cost the power point? Thanks Alfredo

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